3,400 confidential and totally free groups to call and go to in the U.S...1,400 outside the U.S. . . . 98 of these in Canada.
Free, financial help given to women and families in need.More help given to women, families.
Helping with mortgage payments and more.More help.
The $1,950 need has been met!CPCs help women with groceries, clothing, cribs, "safe haven" places.
Help for those whose babies haveDown Syndrome and Other Birth Defects.
CALL 1-888-510-BABY or click on the picture on the left, if you gave birth or are about to and can't care for your baby, to give your baby to a worker at a nearby hospital (some states also include police stations or fire stations), NO QUESTIONS ASKED. YOU WON'T GET IN ANY TROUBLE or even have to tell your name; Safehaven people will help the baby be adopted and cared for.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Garrett "G-Money" The MMA Fighter

Man, what a guy.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger in Forgotten Newsreel- Watch for Yourselves

Forgotten Newsreel History: Margaret Sanger Declaring 'No More Babies'.

Apparently she was then known as "Margaret Slee."

They give the hat tip to Althouse's blog post on it.

Watch the clip in its entirety:

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Gosnell Movie ready to take off

Movie about abortionist Gosnell raises beacoup bucks., becoming "the most-funded movie ever on “crowdfunding” site Indigogo, with more than 10, 600 contributors.
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Eugenic Abortion - Genetic Research

Those Supporting Eugenic Abortion (and thus supporting genetic research to "search and destroy" imperfect unborn children):

  1. March of Dimes: "Instead of trying to solve the problem of birth defects, the March of Dimes now disposes of those problems by funding "search and destroy" missions. Eighty-eight percent of all March of Dimes geneticists favor abortion on demand. "Seventy-one percent argur that if amniocentesis tests prove a child to be defective, he should be terminated regardless of the stage of the pregnancy. A large number even revealed that they were involved in live fetal experimentation and fetal harvesting. This despite the claims by the organization that it is "abortion neutral.""
  2. The Roe v. Wade decision, as viewed by Supreme Court Justics Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  3. Planned Parenthood
  4. Planned Parenthood
  5. Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger, In Her Own Words
  6. Planned Parenthood
  7. Eugenics, genocide and the abortion industry. The latter employs the middle to effect the former.
  8. Planned Parenthood
  9. Planned "Before I was for abortion, I was against abortion as it was 'killing the life of a baby after it has begun'" Parenthood
  10. Susan G. Komen, known for supporting and giving money to Planned Parenthood, thus making themselves supporters of eugenic abortion.
  11. The American Cancer Society, known for supporting Planned Parenthood, thus making themselves also supporters of eugenic abortion.
I could go on, but the picture is quite clear.

Also, click here instead, for the better alternatives, including:

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

St. Jude Warrior-To-Be --- Yikes

That's someone else's LAST year's video, but you got the point. I can't imagine anyone looking at the photos in that video with a dry eye and NOT being able to spare one. lousy. dollar. to help these kids and families.

I mentioned in this post how I'm hoping to get in shape enough to do a Warrior Dash in my son's state later this year, raising money for St. Jude Children's Hospital.
Please: donate--even just one lousy dollar--online at my personal Warrior Dash webpage You can even do it ANONYMOUSLY, I'll never know your name, and if not anonymous, you can choose how you want your name to appear and can choose not to show the amount you give. There's even a way to choose mailing it in, but check out this video too at the official homepage first and

Meet the REAL St. Jude Warriors.

If I reach my goal, we can pay for one day of oxygen, AND one transfusion unit of red blood cells, for a St. Jude patient like those in the videos. Check out my webpage for the other things your donations can do.Some St. Jude Warriors have raised over $1,000 and are now shooting for $2,000! Wow. Maybe I'll up my goal? Depends on you!
And we can help St. Jude's prevent kids like Christi Thomas and Jessica Joy Rees, memorialized in that video, from succumbing to their disease.
I figure, heck, if these kids can fight cancer as hard and as bravely as they do, this 50+ year old tub of a woman can plan for this 5K obstacle course/run.
Need more reasons to help these kids? How about 30 more reasons?
Know someone else who's planning a Warrior Dash anywhere else? You can search for them and donate to them here.
And while I'm here, it's Holy Thursday. Blessings to all, because of it.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

March of Dimes "March for Babies" 2014 Update- Still Supporting Planned Parenthood, And Worse

A neighbor and friend of mine recently asked me to walk with her in this year's local March of Dimes, and/or to donate. One of her children had been a preemie. I care about her, she's a great neighbor and a kind, wonderful woman, and I wanted to help, but my heart sank when she asked me. This is why.

First, though, I decided to do current research, to see if maybe the MOD had changed. It was only fair to be sure.

But sadly, it seems the March of Dimes is perhaps more troubling to me now than it ever was, for four reasons. There is good news though: there still is the better alternative to support preemie babies that doesn't compromise its commitment to ALL babies' lives (more on that at the end of this post).

1) MOD gives money (grants) to the largest abortion provider in the nation, Planned Parenthood.

I'm not the only one who found this out, ten years ago or now. There are many regular folks who know this, both supporters of MOD (see the first commenter) and those who no longer can support MOD, having done their own homework, like this woman who lost a daughter, stillborn at fullterm, writing on her blog Rose and Her Lily:

I am going to share with you today the reasons why I will no longer support the March of Dimes. The reasons are probably unknown to most others who are participating, which is why I find it necessary to at least people will realize what the March of Dimes supports. I in no way judge others for participating themselves, but as someone who is pro-life, I cannot participate (though I would love to walk in honor of babies both in Heaven and on Earth).

After I walked last year, my mother and grandmother both informed me that March of Dimes has been boycotted by those who are pro-life for decades. I was shocked to hear this because it seems like such a wonderful organization! After doing some research, I was very saddened to discover that they support Planned Parenthood (the nation's largest abortion provider). That in itself was enough to make me say "No, thank you." I know people think that Planned Parenthood is this amazing organization that does so much more for women than just providing abortion. Read about the 9 things you should know about Planned Parenthood - which reveals their true agenda. There are many others reasons why I do not support Planned Parenthood (such as the fact that it was founded by a racist eugenicist named Margaret Sanger), but that is another post in itself. The MOD says the money they give to PP doesn't fund abortions, but I wouldn't give money to even pay the electricity bill to keep that place operating. MOD says they are "neutral" on the abortion issue. The way I see it, not taking a stand is taking a stand. I don't see how an organization that is for babies can also be against them? Being for life should mean being for-every-life, both born and unborn, wanted and "unwanted."

Hannah Rose has many good links to articles about the not-good things MOD has supported over the decades, including "embryonic stem cell research, fetal tissue research, and abortion as an alternative to prenatal abnormalities."

It's long been known, though not widely, that March of Dimes changed its original focus. This 1996 article in the Iowa Daily Reporter newspaper is explicit (CLICK THE IMAGE, THEN CLICK AGAIN TO ENLARGE):

As recently as 2002, MOD stated it only gives Planned Parenthood money "specifically for preconception health services and prenatal education services."

But Hannah Rose put it best when she wrote, "I wouldn't give money to even pay the electricity bill to keep that place operating." Her closing statements are those I echo, especially as it was Planned Parenthood that never once talked with me about my "prenatal education services" options and only steered me toward the abortion clinic:

"I am just trying to give people the truth so they can make their own decision on whether or not they want to support this organization. I also said above that I in no way judge anyone for walking or raising money because yes, it's true, MOD does do good...however, I cannot justify supporting the good they do in light of the bad...As a pro-life, post-abortive woman, this is where I stand in my beliefs and I will not make exceptions."

2) MOD denies that having had an abortion dramatically increases the risk of premature delivery:

I lost a son in 2001. He was born just a few days shy of six months gestation. After a week in the NICU, he surrendered his fight. I carry that child in my heart every day. I also carry the weight that his death was 100% avoidable. Like many doctors who continue to believe and advise their patients that abortion is a harmless procedure, my OB/GYN dismissed my concerns over my previous abortions.

It wasn’t till I became pregnant with my second son, that another doctor finally was brave enough to state the truth. My past two abortions had severely damaged and weakened my cervix. The medical term is incompetent cervix. With the proper diagnosis I was able to have a cervical cerclage and carry my second son to term. The link between abortion and incompetent cervix is not a new discovery. Anytime you forcefully dilate the cervix, you weaken the muscles. In fact, researching the causes of incompetent cervix, you’ll see these same words over and over again…

“…Caused by previous trauma to the cervix, such as a D&C (dilation and curettage) from an abortion or a miscarriage.”
How any reasonable person can ignore the obvious — abortion causes premature birth — is mind blowing. It’s unconscionable, unfathomably irresponsible, and completely unethical for organizations, like the March of Dimes, to request financial support for a medical condition they can help vastly reduce but intentionally choose not to, by refusing to acknowledge and educate women against the harms of abortion.

3) March of Dimes has long had a eugenics history, one that can't be erased, although it could have been forsaken. MOD over the decades has funded the following research:
• Peter A. J. Adam used the severed heads of live aborted babies between three to five month gestation in his fetal brain fuel metabolism experiments conducted at the University of Helsinski, Finland.
• Dr. John F.S. Crocker used 60 pairs of human embryonic kidneys obtained from “therapeutic” abortions after five to 12 weeks gestation in his renal research program.
• Dr. Stanley J. Robboy used the reproductive tracts of baby girls aborted by D&C and prostaglandin in his DES experiments.
• Dr. G. Cunha used the reproductive tracts of male and female aborted babies in similar experiments dealing with the teratogenic effects of certain drugs on developing human organs.
• Dr. A de la Chapelle of the University of Helsinki received a MOD grant to develop a non-evasive, simple and safe early prenatal test to replace mid-trimester amniocentesis, thus shifting the abortion timetable from the second trimester to the first trimester. He obtained cells sources from maternal blood samples and the open-heart puncture of healthy 10-week aborted fetuses.

During the 1970s and early 1980s it was MOD's private foundation monies that permitted these researchers and many others including Drs. Blanch Alter, David Nathan, Haig Kazazian, Yuet Wai Kan, and Mitchell Golbus to bypass the government ban prohibiting the use of federal funds for such non-therapeutic, lethal experimentation on live human fetuses. A virtual international "medical underground" was created to supply fresh human fetal tissues, blood or organs to "needy" researchers both in the U.S. and abroad.
On September 21, 1978 all members of the House of Representatives received a letter from NF/MOD president Charles Massey claiming that
"the financial cost of treating and institutionalizing our severely affected survivors (of genetic disorders) is staggering" and "we cannot begin to measure the cost to survivors themselves and their families."...Massey said that it was time for federal and state governments to take over the war to "prevent birth defects." He stated that the expansion of genetic service including prenatal diagnosis could help reduce the incidence of such disorders as Down syndrome and Tay Sachs. Left unsaid was the fact that since no cure exists for these disorders, this "reduction" could only be achieved eugenic abortion. [Emphasis mine]

Similarly, in 1982, MOD Vice President Dr. Arthur Salisbury claimed that expanding health insurance coverage for genetic services would save the government billions of dollars in "custodial care" of "genetically handicapped children" born in the United States each year.

In the Final Report of a joint MOD-financed study (1982-1983) by the Health Services Foundation on genetic health insurance, the HSF determined that screening and prenatal diagnosis were cost-effective when compared to the high cost of caring for "blighted" children.

"Blighted" children? No parent hopes for their child to be anything less than 100% healthy and normal. But advocating to eliminate, to euthanize such children before they are born, just to save "the government" billions of dollars?

Would that be the same government that lately cares nothing about throwing trillions of dollars at half the population in order to secure their lifelong and utter dependency on said government, and thus their lifelong votes, keeping said government in power in perpetuity?

Yes, it would be that same government, which only cares about you if you're already born and can vote for them. The hypocrisy is jaw-dropping.

4) Recently, MOD also signed on to obstruct Americans' right to religious freedom, as did Planned Parenthood, Easter Seals and others:

The March of Dimes, the American Cancer Society, and the Spina Bifida Association were listed in Planned Parenthood’s recent white paper, Taking Control, as being among “a wide range of health care groups” that joined the abortion giant, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in opposing the Blunt Amendment’s religious exemption from providing insurance benefits because of “moral conviction.” Easter Seals is added to the list of charities opposing religious freedom, as noted by a article.
In that article, Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle, R-N.Y., hits the nail on the head succinctly,

"This is not an issue of contraception, or abortion, or sterilization...This is an issue of First Amendment rights." has a great post (with pictures) about recent protesters against religious freedom and for forcing their employers to pay for their birth control and abortifacient drugs, and the signs they created. RFL's reply? "If it’s not your boss’s business, then why are you making him/her pay for it?"

Here is the simplest way to define what ObamaCare and the HHS mandate is forcing upon practicing Catholics, Christians, Jews and even some Muslims, all because they run their businesses with their religious beliefs and principles as their guides:

Our religious belief is that the loss of one's soul is worse than the loss of one's life, or of any right or freedom. Why should we be forced, by the very government founded to ensure freedom from religious persecution, to think and act as those who do not value a human being's soul?

American Life League points out there's an alternative to March Of Dimes that is without all their horrific history:

In 1978, following the Pro-Life Movement's decade-long battle with the March of Dimes, the International Foundation for Genetic Research, popularly known as The Michael Fund, was founded as the [life-affirming] alternative to the MOD.
The Michael Fund has four stated mission goals (summarized for this post): 1) to support an international genetic research program aimed at finding life-saving treatments for prenatal disorders that would otherwise risk babies' lives, 2) to help further the care and treatment of babies born with such problems, 3) to defend "the rights of physically and mentally handicapped persons – born and pre-born", and 4) to stop and even reverse the growth of "eugenic abortion of affected pre-born children and the euthanasia murder of handicapped children and adults."

Sounds like a cause I'd donate wholeheartedly to (like the St. Jude Children's Hospital Warrior Dash I'm doing with my son in the state where he lives, late this year--I know, I know, I'm insane and will probably break every bone in my aged body attempting that).

The Michael Fund doesn't have the publicity or cachet of MOD, St.Jude Warriors in the Warrior Dash, or the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life (that's another one I've silently protested and boycotted for years for their support for abortion and ignoring the link between abortion and breast cancer). But The Michael Fund is where I'd donate, in my friend's name, to help at-risk babies before they're born, so they can be born.

Just like these angels:

[HT for that video to which posted two weeks ago about World Down Syndrome Day being March 21.]

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If Obama Were Really Pro-Life (Hint: He Isn't)

Excellent point made by LifeSiteNews.

So when Obama says "We can't accept events like this as routine," we already have done so, with abortion, and at least one abortionist admits that it truly is, as Obama spoke, "violence visited on our children:"

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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Pro-Life Sites - Another Running Links List

As we try to update all our links, especially in the sidebars of both blogs, I'm reposting a list of pro-life website links from another website, minus the spammer-links they couldn't delete. That site may not have been updated since 2007. Some links may be defunct, some may be repeats, but will try to go through them in time and weed out the dead links.

Pro-Life Plus

Organizations which are pro-life but also take stands on other issues.

Helping Women Organizations

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Speaking of Hate Speech

Speaking of hate speech, Alfonzo Rachel outs another liberal writer for putting words in another Republican's mouth that never were there. Or even implied:

It's kind of sad to think of how many people have, in the recent past, gotten their clocks cleaned by that "(p)regressive" ThinkProgress writer (but don't even know it), Stephen D. Foster, Jr. Seriously, dude, you do realize that more than half the country has finally wakened up to your and your cronies having pulled the wool over their eyes?

Yet still, from you and your ilk, it's more of the same. Ooh, let's demonize Charles and David Koch so the Dems can raise boatloads of campaign funds and no one will ever ask us about George Soros, oh no! Ooh, let's keep up the myth of the solely Republican "war on women" and say nothing about Democrats' war on women or the Clintons' war on women! Oooh, let's lie more because the stupid Americans bought all our earlier lies!

You'll do   a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.   to distract us from what you've really done to destroy healthcare, to destroy national security, to destroy morals, to destroy religious freedom, to destroy our collective American dream of working hard and improving our individual selves, and instead prove you just want to keep us down on "the government plantation."

But more than half the country can see right through you now, Mr. Foster, and the rest of you Soros sheep. (All except maybe the audiences for Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, I suppose, but you can have 'em.)

But I think you--and George Schwartz / Soros-- have underestimated the American people, as well as the premise by which this country was founded.

"Who will come out on top? George Soros or George Washington?"
I'm counting on the latter. Or the U.S. will cease to exist.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Dozen Hate Crimes...That Weren't

So when someone of liberal persuasion accuses anyone of any other persuasion of being a hater, consider that liberals have falsely accused others of hate crimes often enough and publicly enough that it calls into question all their accusations of hate, which only serves to weaken the case of those who are legitimate victims of hate acts. Honestly, are people so craving of attention, that they must make up hate crimes and even go so far as to perpetrate these against themselves? Reading that article, isn't it painfully clear to all how desperate this makes them appear, and how much they are responsible for discrediting the believability of anyone legitimately suffering from another's hatred? Notice you never hear the "outing" of the hoaxes on national news afterward. I certainly do remember seeing the big blurbs all over Yahoo and other sites when several of those alleged "hate crimes" from that list were nationally reported, but never the outing of them being hoaxes.

Does it say something that at least seven people, possibly more, of those involved in those dozen hate-hoaxes were female? Something isn't right, if women have to make this stuff up to feel better about ourselves.

I know personally of two additional incidents of false assault accusations being made by college students--females from the best of homes and upbringings--in the past several years, in which the accused were damned without a fair hearing and punished severely without recourse. All because of the political correctness that's gripped this nation by the....neck.

Had my daughter lived, well, I think it'd be much harder to be growing up female in this past couple decades especially. Still, I'd give anything, anything, to have made a different choice back then, so that I could have helped her try to thrive and grow in this so-called "progressive" era.

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"Back In The U.S.S.R."...Soon?

Loved the song, hate the reality. Like this news outlet's   summary map of how Russia is pressuring and obstructing its former territories and why they're in danger of possible "re-Russiafication."

This is an enormous problem. And folks could be excused from thinking that this is so much bigger a potential nightmare than being forced to give up one's religious freedom in this country.

Those of us who fight for our religious freedom don't do so because we want to oppress or burden others, as some pundits would have you think.

We do so simply because we believe that the loss of one's soul is worse than the loss of one's life. St. Maxmilian Kolbe is a perfect example.

Why should we be forced, by the very government founded to ensure freedom from religious persecution, to think and act as those of you do, who do not value a human being's soul?

Those who can't understand that, may never understand that.

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“Your reasoning would permit requiring profit-making corporations to pay for abortions"

“Your reasoning would permit requiring profit-making corporations to pay for abortions,” Justice Anthony M. Kennedy told U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, who defended the contraceptives provision of the Affordable Care Act.

...Verrilli argued that for-profit corporations do not have a right to religious liberty that trumps federal law.

Oh, really? So if federal law is passed that requires for-profit corporations to pay not only for abortion-causing medications like contraceptives and emergency contraceptives, but also for abortions, or non-profits for that matter, then our religious freedom is KAPUT and to hell with the First Amendment?

Do you even hear what they are saying and trying to do to this country? (For why this freedom applies to corporations as well as individuals, read this and this.)

Do you even care? Maybe not. I would challenge you: pull your eyeballs away from Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow for just. one. hour. and really begin to educate yourselves. You simply have to have more working brain cells than to listen solely to those types of sources.

For those who honestly say they don't care about religion or the rights of those who are religious, or they're angry like Bill Maher is angry because who would follow a God who's a "psychotic mass murderer" (in his response to the upcoming feature film "Noah"), let me ask you one question:

Do you want to take the word of someone who hasn't ever really tried all that hard to answer his own questions about God, but also avoids doing so because it keeps his TV ratings high?

And now a second question:   Or do you want to hear some real answers?

Here's a short answer to Maher's rant about the movie "Noah" and his objection to God:

Responding to [Maher's] comments, conservative radio host Bryan Fischer, director of Issue Analysis at the American Family Association, reminded listeners on Monday that the picture presented of God in Scripture is that He is the Creator of the entire world, and that the reason for the flood was the evil of men at the time, who according to the story had nothing but evil in their hearts.

"The point was, God had nothing left to work with. God's heart was not to destroy, God's heart was to redeem, but He only found one man, and perhaps the members of his family, who had a heart to respond to Him, to work with Him, to obey Him, and that man's name was Noah," Fischer said.

Want to do some more thinking for yourself? Think about this relevant response to Bill Maher by actor Kevin Sorbo, here. Think about how the blackest, meanest, nastiest of atheists, somehow, not through anyone's convincing or preaching to him, becomes religious, and even a Roman Catholic convert. Think about intelligent folks, intellectual even, who ranted in eminently more eloquent terms than Bill Maher ever will, against the God of Christians and Jews, one day becoming devout Catholic.

What did it? I'm not entirely sure, but in my opinion, it had something to do with just seeing a few true Christians going about the things they do as Christians, helping pregnant women in need of help,   not attacking people back in kind when they'd been attacked, verbally, emotionally, for just standing up for what they believe,   seeing how liberal, secular friends had been emotionally moved to their own conversions by "the story of St. Maximilian Kolbe."

That's it. That's all it took, for them to start Doing.Their.Own.Research.

What will it take for you to start doing yours?

So it really does matter, if not to you, then to at least to the 74% of Americans who believe in God (according to the Harris Dec. 2013 poll), when the Supreme Court Justices note in court, that

"Under your view, a profit[-making] corporation could be forced in principle to pay for abortions," [Supreme Court Justice] Kennedy said. That is true in principle, Verrilli said,

but he added that no law "requires for-profit corporations to pay for abortions." Roberts sounded surprised. "I thought that's what we had before us," he said.
"THAT IS TRUE IN PRINCIPLE, Verrilli said." This is the absolute definition of "slippery slope," to 74% of us, as we have been saying since 2010, before the ACA/ObamaCare law was passed:
And we were not the only ones upset in 2010, but most of Americans also were, then:

ACCORDING TO THE LATEST [2010] QUINNIPIAC POLL: "Voters disapprove 52 – 42 percent of the way the President is handling health care" AND "Voters mostly disapprove 48 - 40 percent of the proposed health care reform pending in Congress."

So it's only gone from bad to worse: the RealClearPolitics Aggregate Poll today (averaging 9 media polls) on the question of "Public Approval of Health Care Law" shows that 53.2% oppose it today, with CNN/Opinion Research's poll at 57% against (same as FOX's poll!), and Gallup's at 55% against it. And the maximum support shown for ObamaCare was a mere 43% in GWU/Battleground's poll, 42% in Rasmussen Reports. Not one of the 9 polls had ObamaCare as favored by a majority, and the average in favor currently is only 39.8%. The margin of disapproval is between +9 and +18 points higher than those approving.

Not exactly a "winner," as quoted earlier.

Another objection to think about that the Obama Administration cannot counter:

As Chief Justice John Roberts observed, minority-owned businesses can bring racial discrimination lawsuits. So why can't Christian- or Muslim-owned businesses exercise religion? Solicitor General Donald Verrilli had no good answer.

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I'm A Woman, And I've Gotten Over Myself. When Will You?

This is especially addressed to Supreme Court Justices Sotomayor, Kagan, and Bader Ginsburg. I'm ashamed of you all.
"Women will have the same constitutional rights to acquire and use contraception regardless of whether Hobby Lobby wins or loses. More than that, they’ll have the exact same rights as they had before the contraception mandate was a gleam in Sec. Sebelius’ eye. What women won’t have is the right to force other people to pay for their contraception, but that has never been a right recognized by the Supreme Court.

"In the Bizarro World of the newspapers, not paying for someone else’s contraception is the same thing as prohibiting them from purchasing and using them themselves. This is an obviously false equivalence, but one that leftists are bent on telling themselves. No matter how many times you point out that the business owners in these cases aren’t preventing their employees from purchasing and using contraception, a smug leftist will smile and say 'but women’s rights, you see,' as if these magic words excuse the lie."

Talk about dog whistles.

The simple truth is: those words DON'T excuse the lie.

Another lie that article exposes:

"The beliefs of Hobby Lobby’s owners are just the same as the beliefs of thousands of owners of non-profit corporations who Sec. Sebelius exempted from the mandate...Sec. Sebelius has already exempted 190 million people from the contraception mandate, either because they work for non-profit corporations or because their plans were “grandfathered” when Obamacare became effective.

"In short, when 190 million people are purposefully exempted from a law, there can be no argument that it is aimed at 'a compelling purpose.' Providing broad exemptions intended to go on in perpetuity demonstrates that the contraception mandate is the opposite of compelling."

And another:
"As with speech rights, individuals do not give up their religious rights when they incorporate, for whatever purpose. In the Hobby Lobby case, where the organization’s mission statement explicitly included a charge to operate in accord with the owners’ religious faith, there can be no question that the corporation was intended to further the 'quintessentially human activity' of religious behavior. It is astonishing that leftists cannot grasp the simple truth: corporations are made up of people."
This is not about taking away any women's rights. This is about taking away my, Hobby Lobby's and others' rights to religious freedom, which has been the law of the land since the birth of this nation, even the very reason for this nation's existence! Thus this right is a whole lot more fundamental than whether a woman can force her choice of employer to pay for her $9 a month contraception, aka "health care."

Here's a screenshot of that link, of the current list of birth control prescriptions available at WalMart for $9 a month, including two of the most used ones at the bottom of the list (HT to NewsBusters for the link and info):

In the words of a famous celebrity,

"...if you looked at their cable bill, their telephone, their cell phone bill… it may turn out that, it’s just they haven’t prioritized health care."

There isn't an able-bodied, thus able to be sexually active, teenager or woman in this nation who hasn't already "prioritized health care", aka "figured out how to afford $9 a month for contraception," all on her itty-bitty own.

Get over yourselves.

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Pelosi's "Mission Accomplished" Moment & Drudge Outs The Uneducated White House Staff

Pelosi’s sparsely attended press conference may be to Obamacare as “Mission Accomplished” was to the Iraq war.

...House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi assured reporters “it’s a winner” for Democrats, but her testiness suggested otherwise.

"[I]t’s called the Affordable Care Act," she corrected a reporter. "It’s called the Affordable Care Act." And why? "Affordable. Affordable," she replied. "There's a reason. Affordable. Affordable. Affordable. Affordable. Affordable."

Except that in some parts of the country, premiums are expected to double. A report by eHealthinsurance found that premiums in the individual and family markets have already increased more, before factoring in taxpayer subsidies, since early 2013 than in the previous eight years combined.

The most common reason cited by people who have yet to purchase insurance under Obamacare, McKinsey & Company found in a marketing survey, is that they can’t afford the premiums. As many as four of five companies surveyed by Mercer LLC may raise deductibles on their employees to offset costs imposed by Obamacare regulations...the White House has taken to counting anyone who has selected an insurance plan as “enrolled” in Obamacare regardless of whether they’ve actually paid. They claim not to have any reliable figures about how many people haven’t paid, despite making six announcements about enrollment data...Much, if not most, of the new coverage has come from the Medicaid expansion. Despite campaigns calling antiexpansion Republican governors killers, some research suggests that the substandard care Medicaid beneficiaries receive due to the program’s low physician reimbursement rates isn’t much of an improvement from being uninsured...Finally, the Congressional Budget Office has projected that Obamacare will cover fewer people at greater cost than originally expected, while creating incentives for workers to abandon the labor force....So you might not keep your doctor, you might not keep your old health-insurance plan, you might not like or even be able to afford your new one, and you might not keep your job. If you complain about your situation under Obamacare, leading Democrats may call you a liar.

That sounds like a real winner, alright.

Wow. And she said "Affordable" SEVEN additional times. Disconnected from reality much? Now don't you wonder about Washington Democrats being out of touch with our reality?

[kudos to W. James Antle III in that National Interest article, great sum-up]

Drudge indicated in follow-up tweets that since he is self-employed as proprietor of the Drudge Report, he files as a small business. Drudge followed up with

"Dazed team Obama media reporters think Opt-Out tax 'year away'? Not for small businesses that file Qtr estimates. We're there NOW, baby."

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Hobby Lobby IS the Green family."

"To argue otherwise is a risible example of highly strained arguments that give lawyers a bad name.

"Legal niceties aside, Hobby Lobby is, at bottom, the five Green family members. They are its nerve center and soul. They determine, with accountability only to and among themselves, whether to turn aside substantial profits by closing the doors of their 600 stores on Sundays; to greet Hobby Lobby patrons with strains of Christian music; to advertise Christian holidays, not the latest Hobby Lobby wares manufactured in exotic venues; and to donate millions of dollars of corporate profits annually to a variety of Christian missions. No Wall Street gnomes, corporate raiders or dissident shareholders can hold the five owners accountable, nor do they have any pecuniary interest whatsoever in Hobby Lobby's business plans or the execution of its corporate strategy.

"...To the Greens, all five of whom are devout evangelical Christians, requiring the Hobby Lobby employee benefits plan to include four contraceptive methods which they view (with substantial empirical support) as abortifacients is morally repugnant. Their religious freedom claim carried the day in the federal Court of Appeals in Denver, but the Obama Administration has fought the case all the way to the nation's highest court.

"...At first blush, the government's argument seems plausible. How can, say, General Motors or Intel be seen as exercising freedom of conscience? But Congress itself provided the counter-intuitive answer in yet another part of federal law that by its terms extends RFRA's [Religious Freedom Restoration Act, signed into law by President Clinton] coverage to any individual or entity – including for-profit corporations."

USA Today, Ken Starr: "Obamacare shackles religious freedom", by Ken Starr, EDT March 23, 2014

Any individual or entity - including for-profit corporations.

Case. closed. Yet Obama fights to the Supreme Court, to remove the freedom of religion, of the Greens of Hobby Lobby, and of the entire Catholic Church and all the Catholic hospitals it runs that care for non-Catholics and Catholics, equally. He is trying to destroy freedom of religion in this country. He's already destroyed healthcare. And national security. And our international reputation and respect. History is recording all of this. Republicans told you about the mess Obamacare would cause, choosing, to a person, not to vote for it. Republicans also have been sounding the warning about the trashing of freedom of religion, and loss of international respect, a long time too. Just because the Mainstream Media wasn't allowing those messages to get through on the nightly news, doesn't mean Republicans weren't sending them out.

Question is...

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