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Friday, March 31, 2006

The Sibling of After Abortion.

The original focus of After Abortion was and remains "the ministries, people, and events that focus on the negative emotional and spiritual aftermath of abortion."

About one-third of the visitors--some 100 to 300 women daily--to After Abortion go there from Google searches, having entered phrases along the lines of "depression after abortion", "suicide after abortion", "trouble coping after abortion", and "why does my wife hate me after abortion." After Abortion offers a place where these seekers can get useful information--the realization that there are resources, others who have gone through the same difficulties, and hope for the future.

But the very nature of abortion issues led to many "sturm und drang" discussions in our comboxes that detracted from the safety which After Abortion meant to provide readers to learn about and share their own experiences with post-abortion regret and post-abortion emotional difficulties.

By popular request and common sense, then, Abortion Pundit started in March 2006 as the politics/law/morality sibling of After Abortion.

If it's specifically about, for and/or by women (and men) learning about and/or recovering from the emotional and sometimes physical aftermath of abortion, then it's at After Abortion.

All political/
moral/debate/advocacy issues and any other related news and discussion will be here at Abortion Pundit.

Abortion Pundit actually is more like the fraternal twin of After Abortion--not identical, but alike--except for the "born at the same time" part.
A note about "religion." Both Emily Peterson and Annie Banno are pro-life Catholics who had abortions in the late 70s and, eventually realizing it was a grievous mistake, started--with help--on the path to recovery from the aftermath. While we freely chose to unapologetically, calmly re-lapse (return) to our faith, we don't initiate discussion of religion, God or the bible as a defense of being pro-life. We know that "religion" isn't equal to or a superset of "morality" and that many fruitful debates are best held without religion as a factor. Since we're able to discuss human life issues without "using religion," it's our hope that pro-choice folks can discuss them without it also.

When challenged with religious questions or statements, we may address them, especially if they make "ASS"es out of "U" and "ME," as Felix Unger once said. But we think all who come here with open minds and thoughtful intelligence will find that we don't "fit the mold" of what many pro-choice folks believe defines every pro-life person.

Commenting Guidelines (also read and abide by The Harris Protocol):

The only difference between this blog's guidelines and those of After Abortion is this:
People can use this blog as a forum to debate the politics, legality and morality of abortion.
FINALLY: Please understand, we will depend on our readers (new and old) to familiarize yourselves with all the guidelines. Or else! We don't have the bandwidth to handhold anyone who chooses not to, so we may just delete comments that don't abide by our community standards. Please don't be offended; it won't be personal. But we are all grown-ups here and we all can read or we wouldn't be here.
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