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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hillary/Billary: Wolves in Sheep's Clothing...
..."Media Amnesia"...
and "Media Disappearing-Article Magic Tricks

Billary lies (again) and the faithful buy it once more

Hillary's 8 years (NOT "35 years") of actual political experience, and 8 years White-House-redecorating experience

Hillary Stiffs Iowa Waitress, Leaves No Tip; Clinton's staff admits planting audience questions; 30-point lead "slips" to 19-points; first article disappears from web in under 2 weeks.

"Hillary Uncensored" aka "Mrs. Teflon."

Oct. '07 - Democrats Debate: the "Supreme-Court-Gave-Bush-The-Win" Canard Lives On.

Surprisingly, Like Wife, Unlike Hubby

Hillary Hires Berger: Like Hubby, Like Wife

Hillary Prefers Self To Troops

Media Matters article.

Hillary Tries, Fails To Win Votes By Associating with The Saintly

Hillary Getting A Little Frantic: From her second-time-use of a "needlessly dramatic" Southern accent in her "reinvent[ing] her own past" "Clinton resurrects 'vast right-wing conspiracy' on campaign trail".

Hillary's Wordsmithing Began Early while...

...Her Votes Tell It All

Buying Bill to Influence Hillary

Hillary Was Right in Oct. 2002 (so says Chicago Trib Dec. 2005), But She Denies It Now

"Media Amnesia" of Hillary's Name on her NO vote on Roberts' confirmation...

...just like their "Media Amnesia" of Bill's name on
a) those certain pieces of intel which led up to the Iraq war,
b) and his more-frequent illegal arms sales to Iran and China,
c) and his intervention rushing FDA approval of RU486 "abortion pill" which then killed 8 North American women in the five years from 2001 through 2005.

Speaking of bungling names...
"So when I was born, she [Clinton's mother, Dorothy Rodham] called me Hillary, and she always told me it's because of Sir Edmund Hillary."
According to The New York Times (04/03/95), though:
Hillary Rodham was born five years before Edmund Hillary became famous by scaling Mt. Everest in 1953. The year she was born [1947], Edmund Hillary was an obscure beekeeper in New Zealand.
Back then, my local paper printed the best and shortest ever letter to the editor about this, which concluded by asking Hillary,
"What did they call you for the first five years? "Hey, YOU"?
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