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Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Under the deal, [Bill Clinton's National Security Advisor Sandy] Berger avoids prison time but he must surrender access to classified government materials for three years."

The San Diego Union-Tribune published the entire AP article in 2005, all 235 words of it. My own left-leaning newspaper gave only the first paragraph--63 words--the paltry barest mention, buried on the second page of the second section.

Berger at first had said it was an "honest mistake," then pleaded guilty. So he lied, covering it up while he could.

True, he didn't bug or break into anyone's property, or attempt to destroy a candidate of the other party. But in stealing what was illegal to take, he was attempting to do the latter, whether admitting to it or not.

He just got caught before he could do anything with it. Unlike Liddy, McCord, Segretti, Haldeman, Ehrlichman et. al.

"Clinton National Security Adviser" vs. "GOP security aide."

The former got caught too soon to wreak the havoc the latter wrought. One is no better than the other. Yet only the former got a $50,000 slap on the wrist and accelerated rehabilitation, walking a free, employable man to regain his classified access in three years, which is now just one year away: PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION TIME.

What convenient timing. Sandy Berger is now one of Hillary Clinton's top three national security advisers, according to Newsweek, The Washington Post, and other major, liberal news media.

Then there's the media's ignoring that story for this one (both of which they should cover with equal zeal, but won't).

Double-standard, alive and well and accounted for, SIR!

(Way to GO, Hill'ry!)

Originally opined here, two years ago.

Much more here:




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