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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"Skews" Reporting

  • Newsweek Screws Up Palin Smears: Says She Refused to Stand Next to "Pro-Choice" Senator who is 100% Pro-Life AND Also Prints False Towel Story
  • Aircraft Carrier "Mission Accomplished" Bush Speech Didn't Refer to the WAR, Contrary To Liberal Belief
  • Tim Russert Took Media Bias Seriously
  • AP Headline Blames GOP Senators When It's Dems Who Screwed With The Bill To Make GOP The "Bad Guys"
  • New York Times creates a "fictitious crime wave perpetrated by American troops returning from combat" put the NYT biased, exaggerated coverage into perspective, read this.
  • CNN plants numerous, known, Democrats/anti-Republicans as though they are common ordinary unaffiliated questioners in the GOP debate, then gets outed for it, then accuses its critics of stalking them.
  • 14 Major News Outlets "moderately left", 4 "far left", 2 "right of center"; 14   farther left of center than FOX News is right of center.
  • ABC News Director: "for forty years, conservatives have rightly felt that we did not give them a fair shake."
  • 2007 STUDY: "Democrats, overall, got more coverage — and more positive ink and airtime — than Republicans."
  •, Exposing and Combating Liberal Bias
  • "CBS chief calls Rather comments 'sexist'"...too bad he isn't "retired" from CBS or we'd see him keep his job despite this...I rather doubt his new "bosses" will fire him over it.
  • "MSNBC talking head Contessa Brewer [cites] anti-Bush spoof site as a source for administration praise of Jerry Falwell"...honestly: we can't make this stuff up...
  • FOX News Aids Abortion Industry Fearmongering with Inept Science Report.
  • NY TIMES Forced To Admit/Correct 1 Major False Claim in Pro-Abortion Story, But Not Its Bias.
  • Proof that NYTIMES, Boston Globe Are Die-Hard Abortion Advocates: Their Owner Is.
  • Cronkite: Media Less Accurate, More Theatrical, Less Protecting of Democracy, Less Mindful of Their Own Civic Duty.
  • AP neglects to report tally: Under CLINTON: 3 or 4 Arms Sales to Foes over 7 ½ Years; Under BUSH: 2 or 3 sales to foes over 4 ½ years
  • AP said Sunni mosques "destroyed," "torched" and "burned and [blown] up". But they're all still standing.
  • John "I apologize to no one" Kerry Gets Another Pass From Liberal MSM
  • Corrections to Mainstream Media inaccuracies and mischaracterizations
  • "It is surpassingly strange to watch an industry will its own destruction."
  • Circulation losses at major newspapers, Oct. 30, 2006
  • "Did the Dems Threaten ABC over 'Path to 9/11' Film?" You betcha.
  • "Pallywood" video of "60 Minutes" being duped
  • You Know It's Campaign Time When...Dems Trash Bush Anew For False "AlQaeda-Iraq Link" Intel, Forget to Name-Blame Bill Clinton for Same Kind of Intel
  • San Francisco Chronicle: " is now clear that all the hype about a Bush-inspired vendetta against the Wilsons is bunk...The outing of Wilson was not an act of treason."
  • Plamegate is Over: "The man behind the leak of former CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity was not Karl Rove, nor "Scooter" Libby..." But You Don't See That Glommed All Over The News, Do You?
  • Gibson Was Wrong, But MSM Always Gives Passes to Celebrities' Anti-Christian Bigotry
  • "Reid, Kennedy, Hillary...are the last people to be commenting on the failure to report things in a timely manner" and "Where are the major news media outlets on the Saddam tapes discussing his WMDs and terrorist attacks on the U.S.?" (which ABC sanitized out of its report).
  • Where is the mass coverage of Iraqi and Israeli generals saying Saddam moved those WMDs to Syria?
  • Pollster Accused of "falsifying 11 public opinion surveys between June 16, 2002 and May 16, 2004", possibly including those on abortion.
  • MSM "reported" on March for Life 06, 3 - 9 hours before it began.
  • Anti-Catholic persecution: NY Times prints—twice—Virgin Mary, covered in dung, surrounded by p-rn pix, but "refrain[s] from gratuitous assaults on religions symbols" offending Muslims.
  • "We do not see the conspiracy to mislead that many critics allege." Chicago Tribune.
  • Scott Johnson's Sep 9, '04 blog post that outed the forged Bush documents used on CBS' "60 Minutes".
  • AP gets Alito hearing news wrong, then right, but not everyone prints the right one, least of all MSNBC or Newsweek.
  • AP Incorrectly Reports 12 Miners Alive; newspapers blindly print it.
  • "Response to the two leaks reveals a stark double standard."
  • Kerry Tries to Ban Peaceful Protesters; AP ignores it.
  • AP Prints Falsehood about Exhale
  • Newsweek’s False Qur'an Story
  • Newsweek: Dan Rather Rerun
  • AP Gets The Basic Obvious Wrong
  • AP’s Iraq Election “Survey”
  • AP’s Rumor Mill
  • AP’s Relationships with Terrorists
  • French AFP Rewrites History
  • AP Twists Rumsfeld’s Words
  • Insurgents Told AP Where Terrorists Would Be:
        Then Fallujah Contractors Ambushed.
  • AP’s role in Baghdad electoral workers’ murders
  • AP believes 4 terrorists but not 250 Swift Boat Vets
  • AP Reporter Lies, Skews, Suggests…
  • AP Reporter Parrots Clintonite Hubby’s Bias
  • AP Admits Bias, Changes Headline
  • AP Lies: "Bushies Booed Clinton and 'W' Didn’t Stop Them"
  • AP’s False Schwarzenegger Story
  • AP Misreports Bush's Anti-Torture Statement
  • Reuters Revises Somalia History
  • Dan Rather Concedes Papers Are Suspect
  • Ohio Newspaper Corrects Biased Abortion Story
  • LA Times reports sex acts of Republicans, not Democrats.
  • MSM Continues Bias, Errors on Partial-Birth Abortion
  • Media Swarms Anti-War Protest, Ignores March For Life
  • NARAL falsely accuses Roberts of supporting clinic bomber, then...
  • ...pulls the ad the next day.
  • Berger & McCord & Kofi Annan & Richard Nixon
  • Clinton ignored '98 "Al-Qaeda hijack/plane-ramming" warning;
        Liberal MSM doesn't even mention him, never mind blame him.
  • The Sensational Beginnings of Yellow Journalism
  • Yellow Journalism: Perfected by William Randolph Hearst
  • Yellow Journalism: Definitions and Links
  • And so much more on AP we can't fit it all
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