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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

When in doubt, trust your gut. BOTH men are multimillionaires, both men have lived lives of wealth, and Obama was never less than middle-class (especially being able to afford Catholic private schools when a child).

But do you honestly think for a minute that Obama would shut down his political campaign (the thing most near and dear to his heart since he never ran a business), fly 30 colleagues to New York City and organize a 48-hour search for the missing daughter of one of those colleagues, only to help FIND THE YOUNG GIRL? ROMNEY DID.

Obama wouldn't do such a thing. Obama DIDN'T shut down his campaign to work on saving our Benghazi ambassador and three other brave Americans who were being slaughtered by an organized, heavily-armed, Sharia-Islamic multi-pronged group of terrorists. No, he flew to Las Vegas for fundraisers and campaigning the very next day. Obama, who never avoided a photo-opp that would help him personally, was not photo-opped in the Situation Room overnight or the next day or EVER when His administration listened to real-time audio and in some cases some video, and had ongoing Flash messages and top priority emails all night long (more on those just came out this week), and no one sent the air or other support those Americans were expecting when Ty Woods gave away his own position by laser-targeting the terrorists' mortar fire position so that the expected air support would bomb them. They would never have painted the target unless they believed, as reports have said, that there was an AC130 gunship and possibly an armed drone nearby. Instead, by laser-targeting the terrorist positions, he gave away his own position, and they mortarted him and Glen Doherty on that roof.

"[I]n October [2012], African American unemployment rose almost a full percentage point to 14.3 percent....African Americans were among the biggest losers in the housing bubble; well intentioned but ill advised policy changes intended to get more low income families and marginal households into home ownership kicked in just in time to lure African American families into the housing market at the peak of the bubble."

A First-Ever Tie in Dixville Notch, N.H.

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