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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

How can they call the projection when Ohio, Florida and Virginia are in virtual deadheats as of this moment, 12:20am? They've "given" Ohio to Obama, but can't call Florida or Virginia? Ohio is closer than Florida is in vote counts right now, according to Romney should condede NOTHING right now.

How do they just "give" Obama Colorado with a 3.3 % lead and only 52% of precincts counted? Or Minnesota with a 3.7% lead and only 56% counted?

Romney also has been ahead on the popular vote all night.

Of course, Obama will think he's gotten a landslide mandate, again.

Yet when Romney wins these percentages of the votes in typically dark blue states, Obama should curb his unbridled arrogance, but of course he won't: Pennsylvania: 46.6%
New Jersey: 40.6%
Connecticut: 43.5%
New Hampshire: 46.5%
Michigan: 46.7%
New Mexico: 43.2%
Oregon: 43.3%

This means there's no mandate. If Romney had only come in the 30s in those states, Obama could rightfully claim the vast, overwhelming majority was on his side.

I had a whole lot more written, then the stupid, damn browser I haven't updated, crashed on me, losing all the more important stuff I'd just written. I'm at the end of my rope and can't re-create it all now. I'm too disgusted and distraught. I really hate technology right now.

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