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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Freezin' For a Reason


MITT ROMNEY, BUCKS COUNTY, Shady Brook Farm, PA, November 4, 2012

It's a dark photo, but out of my 25 tries, with a dying battery, I did get ONE clear picture of Mitt Romney. (Being nearsighted, it's doubly hard because I have to lower my glasses to use the camera but put them on to actually see into the distances.

The 7 plus hours on my feet in the cold, the windburned face, my arthritis killing me by hour 3, the 8-hour round trip drive, was sooooo worth it. The humble joy on his face as he shook our hands and allowed us all to grasp his arm or slap him on the shoulder, was really genuine.

And see the "WOMEN FOR MITT" sign in the lower right corner? There were TONS of women holding those signs. And the man whose face is directly behind and below Romney? Former PA Gov. Tom Ridge, who also spoke earlier.

The rest of the even-halfway decent photos follow.

I arrived about 1:30pm. This was the line ahead of me as I approached. Doors were supposed to open at 2:30pm.

Below is the line BEHIND me after about 2 hours. All that grassy area (and then some) in the first photo? Now packed with people. From 7 years of age to 70, tons of college students and young 20s and 30s. With their families in some cases. People as far as the eye could see. The "doors" (14 metal detectors with actual TSA folks operating them) didn't open till 4pm, and even once we were inside, dozens of busloads kept coming and the lines of those walking from distant parking areas stretched down the street, both ways, past the points we could see, backed up and slowly, steadily walking, streaming in.
Standing directly under the biggest American Flag I've ever been that close to, one of three suspended from huge cranes.
I was second from the rail, straight ahead in this photo, on the left side of the stage, just behind these folks. Note that dark platform in front of us about 10 feet away. It's the "runway" on which Mitt and Ann Romney arrived.
One of the three bleachers, packed.
The middle of the three bleachers, soon to be packed.
The third bleacher, far right, fuzzy photo, but loved the light-star, like a lit candle, at the top of the crane.
Still fuzzy, but the best photo I could get of The Marshall Tucker Band.
Figures he'd wave just as I snapped the photo. That's Romney arriving on the platform from the left, with Ann just barely visibly on his left arm. The bus (see later photo) pulled up right through the WELCOME TO BUCKS COUNTY, PA entryway to huge roars from the crowd, pulling right up to the end of that runway.
The bus. About 50 feet from where I stood. This was after the rally was over and Romney was back on the bus, but the music was blasting and people just didn't want to leave till the bus left.
Welcome to Bucks County, indeed, Mr. Romney.
Welcome to Pennsylvania. GO RED TODAY!
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