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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

We are doomed.

This country has just seen the seeds of its destruction begin to bloom. Obama will continue to bankrupt this country and proceed on his plan to diminish democracy bit by bit, encouraging class warfare and divisiveness, turning us into a socialist, dependent, sadistic, self-centered America that rewards a prominent Democrat talking-head saying on national television that he is "so glad we had that [Hurricane Sandy] last week" so that Obama got the chance to look Presidential thus helping him win re-election.

I am terrified. This isn't America anymore. When 50% of the voting population has bought all Obama's deceptions and ability to accuse opponents of the very things he himself is guilty of, we are doomed as a country of freedom. Obama will double or triple the $5 Trillion in debt he's already added to our backs. My son and his future children will wonder what happened to the America they were promised, when all that's left is paying more and more taxes and fees to help Obama redistribute the wealth to those who've been taught by Obama it's better to sit in the cart. When Obama grants unconditional amnesty and Insta-Citizenship to 12 million illegals in his second term, he'll have guaranteed the lock on electing only the Democratic Party forever, still representing only half the populace, probably half of which has only been baldly indoctrinated in their schools to believe Obama and the Democrat mantras. He doesn't care about America; he cares about himself, his re-election and his power. If he truly cared about America, he wouldn't so clearly denigrate all the legal immigrants who did it the right, hard-working way.

That new 12 million votes will just seal our nation's doom. If you ran your household, your family's budget, as Obama and Democrats run the country, you'd be out of work and on the street with nothing before long. As I heard on local talk radio today, we are "going Greece", very soon.

My freedom of religion, will be gone when the HHS mandate is enforced against Catholic hospitals and charitable organzations this coming year.

Freedom of speech, as in, you know, The Bill Of Rights' First Amendment, will become illegal as Obama's surrogate Pelosi--a 1%-er herself--and 27 other elected Democrats have their way in criminalizing our right to criticize the government's composition and operation:

"[The] 'People's Rights Amendment' declares that the Constitution protects only the rights of 'natural persons,' not such persons organized in corporations, and that Congress can impose on corporations whatever restrictions Congress deems 'reasonable.' Newspapers, magazines, broadcasting entities, online journalism operations — and most religious institutions — are corporate entities. McGovern’s amendment would strip them of all constitutional rights. By doing so, the amendment would empower the government to do much more than proscribe speech. Ilya Somin of George Mason University Law School...notes that government, unleashed by [this] amendment, could regulate religious practices at most houses of worship, conduct whatever searches it wants, reasonable or not, of corporate entities, and seize corporate-owned property for whatever it deems public uses — without paying compensation. Yes, [this] scythe would mow down the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, as well as the First."
I listened to Romney's concession speech, and I wept. Obama would never have had the grace and the class that Romney has, he could never have been so humble and eager to re-unify the country for its own sake even while stinging from the defeat. Obama would have been seeking "revenge," hidden in his words because he thinks he's "the best speechwriter" he knows. America, 50% of you chose the wrong man to unify and lead this country.

And the Democrat talking-heads of course already are in ink saying Obama has a "mandate." When you only have 50% of the voting public, you have no mandate. But Obama will proceed as if he has one, because, after all, he is Obama, and it's all always about you, Mr. President, isn't it?

The Dow plunged almost 200 points this morning reacting to who won.

UPDATE: THe day after Obama's re-election, the Dow had its worst day in one year, the the fifth worst day in Wall Street history, dropping 313 total points in one day, and continued to drop the next day, down another 121 points on Thursday, bringing the 2-day total to 434..."[D]uring the two days after Obama was elected in 2008, the Dow plunged more than 900 points."

The country as we know it, will be going downhill fast now. Like the fall of the Roman Empire. All empires fall, or fall back, to some degree. It's America's time, and I'd prayed and wished it wasn't going to be so. We are getting the government we have deserved for a long time. It is payback time. It is payback for the self-centered, gimmegimme, godless culture of 50% of the country, soon to be greater than 50%. We are now going to reap what we have sown or let others sow for us. And we are going to suffer, even more than we have recently, for it. And I'm terrified. For my son and his future family, most of all, and all those in those generations.

I'm going to have to move to a red state. I can't take this anymore. This ignorance, this indoctrination. Obama is not my President. I didn't vote for him, twice. But he is not my President moreoever because he doesn't represent me or about 49% of us, and never has. If you can't beat 'em, leave 'em.

I now honestly wish for a secession of the states with majorities who clearly see the truth because they don't swallow what the college professors, Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow or Chris Matthews tell them. I'm not the first to think about this:

"Europe may in the not-too-distant future end up as it was in the 16th century, before the rise of the nation state. If current trends continue, the United States may unwind in the reverse of the manner in which frontiers became territories and then states. No entity is ensured perpetual union. The process of forming nations and empires and then disassembling them back into small city states or provincial units is certainly not novel, but rather ancient, and more likely fluid and cyclical than linear — even if the process takes decades or at times centuries. When an empire or even a nation state can no longer guarantee locals that the increased security and wealth of a vast union makes it well worth transcending their parochial customs and ethnic profiles, then we have a Greece of 1,500 city states, or a medieval Europe of castles and moats.
"Shrinking Western populations with growing numbers of elderly and unemployed can no longer sustain their present level of redistributive taxation and entitlements. Europe, which can endure neither the disease of insolvency nor the supposed medicine of austerity, is only a decade ahead of what we should expect here in the United States, or what we see now in California — a construct more than a state, where the Central Valley is to the coast as Mississippi is to Massachusetts...A Texan not only wants us out of the U.N., but may feel he is already out of the U.S.

"Voters are also disgusted with government, and feel that their overseers are not even subject to the consequences of what they impose on others: We expect the Obamas to trash the 1 percent as they jet to Martha’s Vineyard, or a zillionaire John Kerry to demand higher taxes as he seeks to avoid them on his yacht..."

Obama can keep the two coasts with the exception of South Carolina and Alaska, and the upper Midwest except Indiana, and form The United Socialist States of Obama. (He'd like that, actually): "a postmodern Pacific Coast and New England, an Hispanic zone extending 200 miles north of the Mexican border, and a rusting Great Lakes industrial belt with its inner cities, all in loose alliance — as our red/blue Electoral College maps suggest — against the Plains states, the Rocky Mountains, and the South..."

Then he can continue to eliminate democracy, eliminate term limits so he can be King for Life since he's so fond of circumventing Congress with his executive orders, institute his labor unions as his army (the overwhelming majority of military personnel would come with us, excpet for Colin Powell, I suppose), get more and more people on foodstamps and dependent on the Great HIM and let in more illegals. Oh, wait, then he wouldn't need to do that because everyone would already be in his pocket and they'd quaintly "vote" for him anyway, believing they still had a "say" in how they were governed.

After all, it was Obama himself who stridently urged Americans to think it's only "us vs. them"...

"Barack Obama and his administration apparently believed that by asserting a fictitious Republican war on women, by fostering a new racial divide of 'punish our enemies' and 'nation of cowards,' by claiming a new economic Mason-Dixon line between the 99 percent and the suspect few who make over $250,000, and by running up $5 trillion in debt in less than four years, they could cobble together majority support for their neo-socialist agenda.

"That divisiveness proved as foolish as borrowing $5 trillion to increase the number of dependent constituents. Well before Obama emerged from his Chicago organizing, there were already forces of political disunion in the West brought about by demography, globalization, and an out-of-touch technocracy — ill winds that he should have calmed rather than fanned. Indeed, Obama himself from 2002 to 2008 lectured about red/blue divides, and warned us about people like himself who would seek to exploit them for partisan advantage.

"Somehow in just four years Obama has almost done to the United States what it took Brussels apparatchiks three decades to do to the European Union: alienated the people both from their technocracy and from themselves. The results could be medieval."

So much for "The Post-Partisan President."

I think that secession would be a better future than the Obama-PAC-encouraged "burn this motherf***er down" future which would be due to the exact same causes as the already-happening riots in England and riots in Greece and riots in Spain.

I'll keep my guns and religion, thank you, instead of what Obama has brought down upon us and is about to.

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